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Videate automates how-to video production.

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With Videate AI video creator, it's fast and easy to create, maintain, and globalize your video library with every new software release.

Most video libraries only cover a fraction of the product. Full product coverage feels like a pipe dream.

With online video creation, you no longer have to pick and choose which parts of your product get content. You can 10x the speed of video production and easily cover 100% of your product, in multiple languages.


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Customer Testimonials:


Video works.


86% of people prefer video over other forms of content.


    • Video works. But most companies struggle to produce software videos and keep them up to date. Add in continuous delivery environments with frequent releases and you’re looking at a significant challenge. If this sounds familiar, you may have trouble:

      • Creating a complete library of software videos across all desired use cases
      • Keeping videos up to date as features change in new releases
      • Producing and maintaining videos in multiple languages


  • Videate was built specifically to solve these problems. We do it better than anybody.
    Creating a video using manual screen recording and editing software takes days. With Videate? It takes minutes.


How to make a video with
Videate in 3 easy steps:


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write script


Write Script


Use your current tools, including Word, Google Docs, XML

add tags


Add Tags


Add effects tags by highlighting or selecting features in your software

render video


Render Video


Select voice and hit render. Videate runs your software and generates the entire video.



Why Videate was created

Producing software videos is time-consuming, people-intensive, and cost-prohibitive.


Plus, with every new update or launch, it has to be done all over again.

Traditionally, companies use tools like Captivate and Camtasia to produce software videos.  

But these tools don’t scale with the needs of modern software development, require deep video editing expertise, and can’t keep up with the explosion in demand for more video without hiring huge teams.  

These limitations mean companies:

  • Are overwhelmed. They can’t produce videos fast enough to keep up with software release schedules.
  • Frustrate customers. Out of date videos end up being unhelpful and leave bad impressions.
  • Waste the talents of highly skilled video teams. They’re forced to spend valuable time on low-level, repetitive tasks.
  • Are unable to support global needs. Producing videos in multiple languages feels impossible to scale.
  • Can’t fully support the needs of the business. Only a fraction of desired use cases get video coverage. 
  • Can’t support emerging use cases. Like in-product video tips to deliver training at the moment of need.

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Videate solves those problems. Here's how.


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We use the latest AI, automation, and text-to-speech technology to provide a script-to-screen solution. Videate makes it fast and easy to produce up-to-date content with every new software release.



Easy To Use


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  • Make videos in minutes – video editing expertise not required

  • Works with the tools you already use for video script writing

  • No need to hire a voice actor, just pick a voice from the menu





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  • Instantly create a video from a script using AI technology to create life-like experiences

  • Create videos in 50+ languages with dozens of text-to-speech voice options

  • When your product software changes, just tweak the script and re-render the video instantly.



Optimized for
Software Videos


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  • Built to support today’s continuous delivery, scale your use case coverage

  • Easily record on-screen actions and synchronize with scripts

  • Automatically detect software changes that require script updates

How we compare


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Video Editing Tools

  Screen recording
  Text-to-speech voiceover integration
  Visual effects (callouts, highlight, box, zoom, etc)
  Automated video creation from script  
  Audio is synchronized to actions and effects while recording  
  Update videos in minutes when your software changes  
  50+ languages available to generate text-to-speech voiceover  
  Screenshots automatically captured while recording  
  Automatically configure environments and restore data before and after recording  
  Built-in choice of 100+ voices  
  No video editing skills required  
  No post production processing  



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Who uses our AI video creator?

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    • Leading technology companies including Cisco, VMware, Bitsight, Nutanix and more are among our customers. Videate is used by teams responsible for creating software videos including…
    • Documentation
    • Education and Training
    • Customer Success
    • Sales Enablement
    • Technical Support
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Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video, compared to 10% when reading text

Big value is making updates to videos as changes are made – several deployments every day.
Dean Onishi, Senior Director, Documentation and Certification
Captivate and Camtasia are years behind Videate.
Jon Wesh, Director of Education
Blue Yonder
Our vision is to create in-product training content accessed at the moment of need.
Peter Goldstein, Sr Manager, Customer Enablement
Videate has helped us expand our video library and created our first fully self-serve training option for new users.
Cindy Hollenberger, Director of Customer Success


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