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Generate how-to videos using realistic text to speech and never touch a microphone again.

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Benefits of using an AI voice generator

Text to speech technology is more than just a TikTok trend.

Using realistic AI voiceovers means you're no longer dependent on a hired voice actor. You can generate an entire video library while keeping costs low.

Technology has improved so much that, in many cases, it's impossible to tell whether a voiceover is human or an ai. Here are 6 Companies Leading The Industry.


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Using neural voices is easy with Videate


Videate enables you to make videos at ludicrous speed, and one major component is the automated AI voice generator.

  • Choose from over 511 voices
  • 78 languages and 146 dialects
  • Customize pronunciations

Our text to speech voices come from all the major providers:

  • Google Cloud Text To Speech
  • Azure Text To Speech
  • IBM Watson
  • Amazon Polly
  • WellSaid Labs

With Videate’s AI voice generator, you’re able to automatically produce videos complete with voiceover without the need for recording manually.

Software just updated? No need to wait for an SME, just re-render the video and your text to speech narration will be perfectly timed with the script.

You can also produce videos in multiple languages using our text to speech video generator without having to speak the language yourself or source a multilingual voice actor.


Listen to AI voice examples

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