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The only video production platform that keeps how-to and training videos up to date with every software release


2022 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards

Proud winner of a Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for excellence: Best Advance in Video for Learning


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Videate enables SaaS companies to scale video production.


  • Make more how-to videos with fewer resources

  • Up-to-date with every software release

  • Localized across all the languages you support



Customer Video Examples

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AI and Automation are your new coworkers

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Even with a team of video specialists, updating videos to keep up with software releases is tedious and time-consuming.

Videate’s AI and automation takes on the monotonous, boring stuff so your team can focus on more strategic work:

  • Automate manual processes like screen recording

  • Free up calendars typically filled with "recording" and "editing" time blocks

  • Increase product coverage with more videos


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Up-to-date videos =
happy customers

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The fastest way to frustrate a customer is out of date content. But keeping videos up-to-date with software releases requires time and headcount. Until now.

With Videate, you can generate videos (and updates to them) in minutes. It’s so quick and easy you can do it in between your meetings.

  • Keep up with the speed of software development

  • Improve onboarding experience with up-to-date videos

  • Increase your video library’s product coverage


Make videos in any language

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Generate videos in 100+ languages and dialects. Producing videos in multiple languages has long been a pipe dream for many global companies due to the resources and budget required.

Now, with Videate, you can easily generate a full, up-to-date video library in as many languages as you want with text to speech voiceover.

  • Generate voiceover in 100+ languages and dialects

  • Automatically capture native language UI

  • Create native-language videos for all your key markets
Make software how-to videos in any language

Who uses Videate?

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Videate is used by teams at leading technology companies responsible for creating software videos, including:

Customer Success
Education & Training
Sales Enablement
Product Marketing
And more

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What Our Customers Say

Director of Education
Director of Education
Enterprise Software Company
I can now scale something that was considered unscalable by my boss.
Director, World Wide Sales Enablement
Director, World Wide Sales Enablement
Global Software Company
Videate frees up our video experts so they can focus on high engagement and specialized videos.
Vice President, Product Management
Vice President, Product Management
Midmarket Software Company
The ability to cost-effectively produce videos in multiple languages is HUGE.
Director of Technical Publications
Director of Technical Publications
Global Enterprise Software Company
Videate took our existing tech docs and produced hundreds of how-to videos with minimal effort on our part.

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