From Script to Screen
(With No In Between)

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Automate your software video production with Videate. It's fast and easy to createmaintain, and globalize your video library with every new software release.

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Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies
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Make videos in minutes.

Unblock your calendar while scaling a video library


Before Videate, keeping videos up-to-date with software releases required massive time blocks and headcount. With Videate, you can generate videos in between meetings.

Even if your software is updated every day.


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Trouble keeping your videos up-to-date?

New software releases mean outdated videos. Unless you have Videate.


Videate automates software video creation, making it fast and easy to keep up with the speed of development.


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Technology as smart as you.

Our patent-pending technology uses AI to analyze, infer and generate human behavior from documents and software
  • Far more powerful than a screen recording tool

  • Simple enough for any function, powerful enough for super users

  • Use standalone or integrate into your current tools and processes using robust APIs


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How it works

write script
Write Script
Use your current tools, including Word, Google Docs, and XML
add tags
Add Tags
Add effects tags by highlighting or selecting features in your software
render video
Render Video
Select voice and hit render. Videate runs your software and generates the entire video

15 Years of Video Technology Experience

Patent-pending technology

TRUSTED by Fortune 500 companies

Example Customer Videos

How are your competitors investing in video?

Learn that and more in the 2022 State of SaaS Video Report


We surveyed SaaS companies to discover their attitudes towards video, why they're making it, how they're producing it, and how they're investing in it.

In this report, you'll learn:

  • The average cost and length of time it takes to produce a single video

  • The most interesting video trends year over year

  • The biggest challenges SaaS companies face regarding video


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Human-like videos. Generated automatically.

Learn the "special sauce" that makes  our automated videos feel organic


In the free eBook "Passing the Video Turing Test", you'll discover:

  • What the Turing Test is and how it applies to video

  • How Videate works behind the scenes to make videos feel like they're made by humans

  • Why automated video production has been such a challenge-- until now.


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No tedious voiceover recording

Videate uses text to speech to generate voiceover.


Update your entire video library with every new release!
  • Create a new video just by changing the words on the script, using documents you already have

  • Update your documents using your current process, or leverage Github to change hundreds of videos at once

  • Generate videos in multiple languages, without having native speakers record new videos

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Efficient Videate

What Our Customers Say

Director of Education
Director of Education
Enterprise Software Company
I can now scale something that was considered unscalable by my boss.
Director, World Wide Sales Enablement
Director, World Wide Sales Enablement
Global Software Company
Videate frees up our video experts so they can focus on high engagement and specialized videos.
Vice President, Product Management
Vice President, Product Management
Midmarket Software Company
The ability to cost-effectively produce videos in multiple languages is HUGE.
Director of Technical Publications
Director of Technical Publications
Global Enterprise Software Company
Videate took our existing tech docs and produced hundreds of how-to videos with minimal effort on our part.