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Videate’s Automatic Video Generation

Videate is not just a screen recorder, or a video template, or a text-to-speech platform.

Videate is all of them with special effects, language translation, and an intelligent workflow combined. Here’s how it works.

How Our Auto Generated Video Works

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Start with a document
Start with documents you already have, like knowledgebase articles or support documents. No need to start from scratch.
Add simple markup
Use markup to apply special effects like "box", "highlight", "zoom" and more, without one bit of software on your desktop.
Automatic production
Video is synchronized securely in the cloud with best-in-class text-to-speech in the language of your choice - in fractions of the time it would take to record by hand.

Scalable Auto Generated Video for Enterprises

Update a library of videos continuously

Videate’s workflow engine and APIs mean you can scale your video production automatically without adding headcount or contracting agencies.  

Our automated video maker allows you to update your video library of hundreds of videos all at once by submitting modified documents to Videate. And since it’s much faster to update a document than it is to record, splice, and reproduce even a single video, you’ll find yourself looking for more videos to update!


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Flexible automatic video creation to meet your business needs

Incorporate Videate into your current video production process and tools

Enterprise video production has its own customary workflows. Videate can work within your current systems and processes to reduce video workloads while increasing speed and throughput. 

  • Use your current document workflows and tools (link to docs)
  • Integrate into your current systems using the well documented API
  • Choose, or change, your voices, languages, special effects, and more as you wish.
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