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Streamline customer onboarding with self-serve how-to videos

Customer success training software from Videate scales production without scaling your team

A large percent of customer support tickets come from common issues that could be fixed with easy to find videos in your knowledge base. 

But what happens when your team doesn’t have time to produce all the videos that customers (especially onboarding clients) need? How can Customer Success teams accommodate the sheer volume of videos required when they’re already tight on bandwidth?

Enter: Videate's customer success training software.

With Videate’s training video software, there’s no need for manual screen recording, editing, or voiceover– you don’t even need video editing skills. In order  to generate quality how-to training videos all you need is Videate’s customer success training software.

Generate fully narrated how-to videos at the click of a button. 

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Reduce customer churn with an up-to-date customer training video library 

New software updates don't have to be a headache with Videate’s customer success training software

It’s incredibly frustrating as a customer to find a critical how-to video is out-of-date. That frustration can turn into decreased user engagement and retention.

As software updates come faster and more frequently, outdated videos are a big problem for Customer Success teams and customers alike.

When using customer success training software, you don't need significant resources (ie. people and budget) to maintain an up-to-date video library that supports customer onboarding and retention.

When your software updates, simply re-render the video. Videate will let you know if further script changes are needed. Otherwise, you can re-render your entire video library in minutes.

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Create how-to videos in all languages with Videate

Support your global customers without adding headcount


Many SaaS companies are global, yet they don’t provide onboarding videos for all supported languages.

We get it. It’s hard enough creating a single video in one language, much less multiple! Traditionally it’s been so difficult to globalize (not to mention maintain) one’s video library that most companies just…don’t.

With Videate’s text to speech technology, you no longer need to find voiceover talent for each language. Videate has 75+ languages and dialects  available in our customer success training software.

So whether you use auto translation or a translation agency, Videate makes scaling your globalization efforts easy with text to speech voiceover in any language you might need.

One of our customers was able to create the same video in 5 languages in less than an hour!

You’ve just never seen a customer success platform quite like Videate. 


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Customer Success Training Software Complements your current success stack

Videate plays nicely with your existing enterprise software

Your current LMS, digital adoption platform and knowledge base tools can be both the source, and the destination of your customer success training software videos.

Use your LMS and knowledge base content to build scripts to automatically create and update videos, and post them to your customer experience platforms or back to your LMS and knowledgebase!


Growing Customer Success Teams Need Videate

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