Goodbye instructor led training, hello video training on demand


Multiply your customer success resources by providing a library of always up-to-date software videos


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Video on demand

Live instructor-led training is dying

Producing product videos to support these changes has never been faster and easier

Today’s SaaS users want to move through the customer journey at their own pace. And with work from home soaring, work is increasingly done at non-standard working hours. While VILT is thriving, asynchronous video consumption helps you create and manage thousands of videos that support your customers, while REDUCING the burden on your team.

Building a library of automatically updated software videos helps your team:

  • Maintain a 24/7 customer success function
  • Support global customers, in their own language
  • Align with the changing needs of users and your corporate infrastructure
Customized Voices at Scale-10

Measurable ROI

Scale your success function without scaling your team

66% of people say they’d rather watch a video than read about it. Yet most companies don’t create enough videos to support their customer success teams.

If your customer success team could scale your video production automatically, you can:

  • Increase adoption rates
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Reduce customer service calls
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Increase NPS and CSAT scores
Measurable ROI-17

Enterprise-level personalization

Create onboarding, training, and support videos for your customized solutions

Your largest customers may have software that has been customized specifically to them or their workflows. Onboarding, training, and support videos are now attainable for a single client. Now you can create and replicate a library of videos that shows their unique, custom software.

Enterprise-level personalization-19

Complements your current success stack

Videate plays nicely with your existing enterprise software

Your current LMS, digital adoption platform and knowledgebase tools can be both the source, and the destination of your software videos.

Use your LMS and knowledge base content to build scripts to automatically create and update videos, and post them to your customer experience platforms or back to your LMS and knowledgebase!

Complements your current success stack-18

Growing Customer Success Teams Need Videate

Want to see how customer success teams at Nutanix, Docebo and Acumatica are using Videate?

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What Our Customers Say

Director of Education
Director of Education
Enterprise Software Company
I can now scale something that was considered unscalable by my boss.
Director, World Wide Sales Enablement
Director, World Wide Sales Enablement
Global Software Company
Videate frees up our video experts so they can focus on high engagement and specialized videos.
Vice President, Product Management
Vice President, Product Management
Midmarket Software Company
The ability to cost-effectively produce videos in multiple languages is HUGE.
Director of Technical Publications
Director of Technical Publications
Global Enterprise Software Company
Videate took our existing tech docs and produced hundreds of how-to videos with minimal effort on our part.
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