SaaS onboarding videos- at SCALE

Auto-generate videos in minutes using just a script, help article, or technical documentation

Welcome to the future of SaaS onboarding videos. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional video production and hello to effortless automation with Videate.

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SaaS onboarding videos are a PAIN to produce manually

And then they're always out-of-date!

Traditional SaaS onboarding videos come with their fair share of challenges. From the time and resources required for production to the frustration of outdated content, these videos often fall short of meeting the needs of today's fast-paced SaaS companies.

In fact, most SaaS companies report that it takes, at minimum, 8 hours to produce just a single 3-minute video!


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saas onboarding videos - challenges

Make how-to videos 93% faster with automation

ASi used to need 2 days to produce one video. Now it only takes 1 hour.

Update videos in 3% of the time it takes manually

Reputation used to need 4 hours to update a video. Now it takes 5 minutes.

Scale your video library with a small team

Bitsight needed one tool to scale video production (and no extra headcount).

Make effortless onboarding videos with Videate

Simplify the process- for you and your customers

Videate takes the complexity out of creating and updating SaaS onboarding videos. Our automated platform allows you to generate professional videos from a simple script, eliminating the need for expensive production teams or specialized skills. With Videate, onboarding your customers has never been easier.

  • Automated Video Generation: Create onboarding videos in minutes with our AI-powered automation.

  • Instant Updates: Keep your videos up-to-date with just one click, ensuring your customers always have the latest information.

  • Customizable Templates: Choose from a variety of templates designed specifically for SaaS demos, making it easy to tailor your videos to your audience.

  • AI Narration and Special Effects: Enhance your videos with professional narration and special effects, giving them a polished, professional look.

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Auto-generated video will revolutionize your production process

Videate is not just a screen recorder, or a video template, or a text-to-speech platform.

Videate is all of them with special effects, language translation, and an intelligent workflow combined. Our platform revolutionizes the way you create and update SaaS onboarding videos, making the process faster, easier, and more effective.

Here’s how it works.

How Our Auto Generated Video Works

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Start with a document
Start with documents you already have, like knowledgebase articles or support documents. No need to start from scratch.
Add simple markup
Use markup to apply special effects like "box", "highlight", "zoom" and more, without one bit of software on your desktop.
Automatic production
Video is synchronized securely in the cloud with best-in-class text-to-speech in the language of your choice - in fractions of the time it would take to record by hand.

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Real-Life Use Cases

See Videate in Action for SaaS Onboarding

Discover how leading SaaS companies are using Videate to enhance their onboarding process and improve customer satisfaction. From streamlined tutorials to engaging product demos, Videate's automated video generation is revolutionizing the way SaaS companies onboard their customers.

How Videate's explainer video software revolutionized Bitsight's video production

The impact of Videate on Bitsight's video creation process was profound. They were able to create more videos, involve other teams in video creation without needing to deal with a video editing learning curve, and eliminate the need for audio recording and editing. Human error was significantly reduced, and the team could focus on creating high-quality content without the technical barriers.

Judith, a Senior Instructional Designer at Bitsight, gushes:

"I would absolutely recommend Videate to anyone. I'm never sitting there feeling like I'm just another number or just another customer. I feel like they really care, and that makes me super happy."

Videate Inc x Bitsight - saas onboarding videos

ASi believes the BEST software for creating SaaS onboarding videos is Videate

ASi went from struggling to release one training video weekly to producing up to 15 per week. According to Michelle Balagia, a technical writer at ASi, “creating videos does not take as nearly as much time as it used to with Camtasia.”

That’s right, we’ve got a Camtasia-killer on our hands.

Videate is “so extremely easy to use,” said Balagia. It completely transformed the way ASi creates training videos, allowing them to be more efficient, productive, and focused on delivering value to their customers rather than wading through the endless slog of manual video editing and re-editing.

Videate Inc x ASi - saas onboarding videos

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