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Software buyers prefer video to written content 4 to 1


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Video content for software companies

Give your reps the tools they need

Perfect software demos every time

Make each SDR, BDR, and AE as good as the best ones

When your sales team is scaling fast, it takes time for a rep to learn to deliver a perfect demo. Your sales team needs videos that can help them sell.

Your team doesn't have time to record and distribute them, so sales reps make their own using Loom, Vidyard, or another screen recording tool. Consistency and brand standards go out the window.

That's where Videate comes in. We help you produce high-quality engaging videos at scale, from tools you already have.


Another week, another software release

Keep up with the pace of engineering

Don't you hate it when your documents or pitch deck doesn't match your live demo? Or worse, the demo doesn't match the production environment?

With Videate, you can keep your videos matching the real live customer environment so that you can trust the video you're sending a prospect will represent your most current software version - even if it's the customer version.

Another week, another software release

Cross-functional alignment 

Maintain video consistency across the customer lifecycle

When your organization implements Videate, it's cost-effective, fast, and efficient to maintain videos across the customer lifecycle. And by using the tools and processes you already have, you can maintain up-to-date, consistent videos across functions.

Cross-functional alignment-25

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