Senior JavaScript Engineer

Producing software videos is time-consuming, people-intensive and the videos become obsolete with every new software release. By using AI and Automation, we read documents, learn about a customer’s software, and make videos without human interaction. Videate makes software videos easy.


We are hiring a Senior JavaScript Engineer to drive the development of our patented video rendering technology. The Videate Engine runs in our AI cloud turning documentation into seamless movies that pass the video Turing test. 

Reporting to the VP of Engineering, you will assume the principal role of improving and extending this technology as we acquire more customers. You will be in the mix of all company software development, as this core technology is behind the scenes for 100% of our customers. Additionally, candidates will need to understand browsers head-to-toe and will maintain a number of Chrome extensions that support the video rendering engine operations.

You will be working on a platform and core technology that does video generation, so video editing experience and/or a passion for shooting and editing video is a huge plus, but not required.

With the state of the art for single-page applications being what it is, a profound understanding of the JavaScript runtime environment is required. Candidates should have a master-level understanding of vanilla Javascript and are adept at a number of server-side frameworks.  You will work daily with:

  • JavaScript / Node.js
  • PostgreSQL / Redis / Couchbase
  • Docker
  • Browser extensions, Chrome primarily, building towards cross-browser compatibility
  • BASH / Linux command line
  • Video recording in Linux

Candidates should have:

  • 7+ years JavaScript Development
  • Deep familiarity with Node.js
  • Deep knowledge of the good and bad parts of JavaScript
  • Expert understanding of browser runtimes, DOM, and rendering
  • Expertise with common enterprise messaging patterns
  • Extensive experience with test-driven development and retrofitting test suites
  • Productionizing prototype systems

About Videate

Founded in 2019, Videate is headquartered in the hill country near Austin, TX.  We are a distributed team of hackers, builders, and artisans of their craft. We use a diverse set of technologies to solve some of the hardest automation problems at SaaS companies to produce software videos at scale.

We are direct hiring this role - No Recruiters or Agencies

Please note that to be considered, candidates must have 7-10 years of professional job experience with Javascript.  Also, we are experiencing a large volume of under-qualified candidates for this role.  If you are demonstrably proficient in 90% of the above skills, please add the word BINGO to your submission to prove you have read this.


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